Marketing -Heart of any Business

Become a warrior by mastering one weapon than remaining soldier by knowing all the weapons.

Types of Marketing

Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Building a Personal Brand

  1. Learn- Learning skills through concepts and practice.
  2. Work- (work = Job, Freelance or own project) Putting the new skills to work and to go from practice to implementation.
  3. Blog- Write about whatever learned and experienced through work. Writing helps in better understanding and also building our Personal Brand.
  4. Consult- Start consulting other businesses and charge for consulting working it will give authority and give you a name in the market.
  5. Mentor- Mentoring helps to scale up our understanding to a whole new level.
  6. Startup- This is the final stage of this process and it won’t be much successful if all the stages prior to this aren’t done properly.




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